AWFS® membership is made up of international, corporate members that includes manufacturers and distributors of machinery, hardware, lumber, upholstery materials, bedding components, wood products and other supplies to furnishings and wood products manufacturers, schools and woodworking training programs.

Most company names link directly to their individual company web sites for additional information

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    3-D Fasteners Plus Inc.
    A&M Hardware
    A.A.C. Forearm Forklift, Inc
    A1A Lighting
    ABET Laminati
    Accurate Technology
    Accuride Int’l
    Adwood Corporation
    AES Elektronik Makina San. Tic. A.S.
    Air & Water Systems, LLC
    Akzo Nobel Coatings, Inc.
    Allmoxy, LLC
    Amana Tool Corporation
    Amazon Canvas
    American Fabric Filter Co.
    American Fence Technologies
    Anderson Group America
    Anderson International Trading
    Angelus High Gloss Panels by Ecotech
    Apex Machine Group
    Apollo Sprayers International, Inc
    Arauco North America
    ARMINIUS Tooling, Inc.
    Armor Tool, LLC
    Arrow Tooling
    ArtCAM by Delcam
    Atlas Copco Compressors
    AWED Corp.
    Axiom Industries Inc.
    Bad Dog Tools
    Baker Products
    Balboa Capital Corporation
    Banks Hardwoods, Inc.
    BauschLinnemann North America, Inc.
    Benz Incorporated
    Bessey Tools North America
    Biesse America
    Black Bros. Co.
    Blum, Inc.
    Boise Cascade Company
    Boss Products, LLC
    Box on Demand, LLC
    Brookhuis America, Inc.
    Business Partner Estimating Software
    Byrd Tool Corp
    C.A. Technologies
    C.R. Onsrud, Inc.
    Cabinet Outsource
    CabParts, Inc.
    Cal Wood Machinery Inc.
    Calculated Industries
    Cantek America Inc.
    Castle, Inc
    Cefla North America, Inc.
    Cemar Electro, Inc.
    CET Color, Inc.
    Closets By Design
    CMS North America, Inc.
    CMT USA, Inc.
    CNC Factory
    Colonial Saw Company, Inc.
    Colt Tools
    CompX International Inc.
    Comtrad Sourcing
    Conquest Industries Inc.
    Costa & Grissom Machinery Co., Inc.
    CP Adhesives Inc.
    CSE Automation LLC
    CTD Machines, Inc.
    Custom Accents
    CWB/Wood & Wood Products/Closets
    Cycan Industries
    Dantherm Filtration / Nederman
    Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens
    Daubert Chemical Company
    Decore-ative Specialties
    Dekker Vacuum Technologies, Inc.
    Delmhorst Instrument Co.
    Digital Wood Carver
    Diversified Machine Systems
    DL Industrial Group
    Docking Drawer
    Dodds Company, Alexander
    Dongguan Xiongyi Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
    Doucet Machineries, Inc.
    Doug Mockett & Company
    Drawer Connection, Inc.
    Drawers By Design
    DSCO Industrial Machinery
    Dubois Equipment Company, Inc.
    Dynabrade, Inc.
    Dynaric, Inc.
    Eagle Mouldings, Inc.
    EAM-Mosca Corp.
    ECI M1
    Ecogate Inc.
    Edgemate Inc.
    Edwards Storage Systems
    EnRoute Software/SA International
    Epilog Laser Corporation
    Equipment, Ltd.
    Etemplate Systems
    Eurovinyl Plus USA
    Ex-Factory Inc.
    Fagor Automation Corporation
    Felder USA
    Ferrari America, Inc.
    Festool USA
    Finishing Brands
    Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School
    FlexArm, Inc
    FormWood Industries, Inc.
    Franklin International
    Franmar Chemical, Inc.
    Freeborn Tool Co.
    Freud America Inc.
    Friedman Corporation
    Froedge Machine & Supply Company, Inc.
    FS Tool Corporation
    Gemini Coating Inc.
    General Finishes
    General International MFG CO LTD
    General Tools & Instruments
    Giardina Finishing
    Giben America, Inc.
    Giordano Colombo
    Gizir A.S.
    Glaser and Associates, Inc.
    Global Sales Group, LLC
    Global SRL
    Graco, Inc.
    Grasche USA Inc
    Grass America Inc.
    Great Lakes Custom Tool MFG., Inc.
    GreCon, Inc.
    Greenlam America, Inc.
    GREX Power Tools
    Grupo Alvic/Lioher Enterprise
    Guhdo USA, Inc.
    H.M.T. Manufacturing Inc
    H3D Tool Corp.
    Hafele America Co.
    Hanes Industries
    Hans Weber Corp.
    Hardware Concepts, Inc.
    Hardware Resources
    Hardwoods Specialty Products
    Hawaiian Pacific Hardwoods LLC
    HD Hardware Co. LTD
    Hettich America L.P.
    Hi-Tech Duravent
    Hoffmann Machine Company Inc.
    HS Spindles, LLC
    Huanyu Hose Co., Ltd.
    IceClean Systems, LLC
    IMA America Corp.
    In Touch Tools
    Industrial Timber & Lumber
    Integrated Machinery Solutions
    Invis by Lamello
    Italpresse USA, Inc.
    James L. Taylor Manufacturing Co.
    Jowat Corporation
    Kaeser Compressors, Inc.
    KASCO SharpTech dba Wood-Maxx Blades
    Kay Industries
    KCD Software
    Keller & Co.
    Kemp Hardware & Supply
    Kerfkore Company
    Kern Laser Systems
    Keytrix Data Systems, Inc.
    King Plastic Corporation
    King Slide Works Co., Ltd
    Kleiberit Adhesives USA, Inc.
    Klingspor Abrasives, Inc.
    Knape & Vogt MFG. CO.
    Koch Machinery & Systems
    Komo Machine, Inc.
    Krautzberger North America
    Kremlin Rexson Inc.
    Kubor Tooling USA
    Kval, Inc.
    LA Sani-Felt Co
    Lacey-Harmer Co.
    Laguna Tools Inc
    Larick Machinery Inc
    Lee Valley & Veritas Tools
    Leggett & Platt
    Leitz Tooling Systems LP
    LEUCO Tool Corporation
    Liberty Woods International Inc
    Lignomat USA Ltd
    LMT Onsrud LP
    Lorchem International Inc
    Louis and Company
    M.L. Campbell
    Machine Tool Camp
    Maggi Technology
    Martin Woodworking Machines Corp
    Master Magnetic Inc.
    Mastercam/ CNC Software Inc.
    Masterduct, Inc.
    Masterwood SPA
    MB Maschinenbau GmbH
    Mercer Abrasives
    Mereen-Johnson Machine Co.
    Micro Jig, Inc
    Microvellum, Inc
    MILESI Wood Coatings
    MJB Wood Group, Inc.
    Mohawk Finishing Products
    Mozaik Software, Inc
    Murphy Plywood
    Next Wave Automation-CNC Chark
    Nexus 21 TV Lift Systems
    Nordson Corporation
    Northern Apex
    Northern Contours
    Northland Corporation
    Northwest Hardwoods, Inc
    Northwood Machine Manufacturing Co
    Norton (Saint Gobain) Abrasives
    O2 Filtration
    Ogden Group, Inc.
    Oliver Machinery/ Brother Membrane Press
    Oneida Air Systems
    Opti-Sand Incorporated
    OSAI-USA, CNC & Automation Controls
    Osborne Wood Products
    Outwater Plastics Industries Inc.
    Packsize Corp.
    Panefri Industrial Co. Ltd.
    Pillar Machine, LLC
    Plum Creek Manufacturing
    Plummer Forest Products
    Poettker USA
    Pollmeier Inc.
    Polybak by Richwood Industries
    Polystone Presented By Worldwide Surfaces
    Popular Machinery & Tools, Inc.
    Precision Casewerk
    Precision Drive Systems
    Prime Heat Inc.
    Putsch & Company, Inc.
    Qingdao Makey HomeDecor Co., Ltd.
    Quart International Company Limited
    QuickScrews® International Corporation
    RazorGage, Technical Services, Inc
    Rev-A-Shelf LLC
    Rikon Power Tools
    Riverside Tool Corp.
    Robert Bosch Tool Corporation
    Roseburg Forest Products
    Rotool Manufaturing
    Royal Plywood
    Royce//AYR Cutting Tools Inc.
    RT Machine Company
    Rubio Monocoat
    RUF Briquetting Systems
    Safety Speed Mfg. Co.
    Salice America Inc.
    Salt International
    Saw Trax Mfg.
    Schelling America
    Schenk Ltd.
    Schmalz Inc.
    Schneider Electric
    SCM Group North America
    Senco Brands
    Shelter Forest International
    Shop Gear Inc.
    Shunde Textiles Import & Export Company of (Guangdong)
    SIA Abrasives Inc.
    SierraPine Ltd.
    Sigma Tool & Machine
    SigmaTEK Systems, LLC
    Skooter Inc.
    SNX Technologies
    Solid Wood Systems, Inc.
    Somerset Wood Products, Inc.
    Sonic Aire by IES
    Southworth Products Corp.
    Sovereign Machine
    Specialty Polymers, Inc.
    Spectrum Adhesives
    SSI North America
    Stanza Machinery, Inc.
    States Industries, LLC
    Stiles Machinery Inc.
    SuperMax Tools
    SurfPrep Sanding by Dixon Enterprises
    T-Tool USA LLC
    Tech Mark, Inc.
    Tech Wood International
    Techno CNC Systems
    Tenryu America, Inc.
    The Original Saw Company
    Thermwood Corporation
    Tigerstop LLC
    Tigra USA Inc.
    Timber Products Company
    Timesavers, Inc.
    Tokyo Automach Co., Ltd.
    TradeSoft, Inc.
    Triple Crown Products
    Tritec / Gannomat
    Twenty 7 Group LLC
    U.S. Futaba, Inc.
    Uneeda Enterprizes, Inc.
    Unique Machine & Tool Company
    United Machinery Solutions, Inc.
    US Concepts Inc.
    Vaculex USA Inc.
    VDSRL Finishing
    Vecoplan, LLC
    Veneer Services
    Venjakob Maschinenbaau, GmbH + Co.
    Vero Software
    Vexor Custom Woodworking Tools
    Vicwood Group
    Vision Engraving & Routing Systems
    Vitap Costruzioni Meccaniehe S.P.A.
    Vollmer of America Corp.
    Voorwood Company
    Vortex Tool Co., Inc.
    VTM Engineered
    Vytek Laser Systems
    Wagner Meters
    Wall Lenk Corporation
    Weibiao Hardware (USA), Co. Ltd.
    Weima America Inc.
    Weinig Group
    West Fraser Mills Ltd
    West Wood Products, Inc.
    Western Dovetail Incorporated
    Williams & Hussey Machine Co. Inc.
    Williams and White Inc.
    Wintersteiger, Inc.
    Wood-Mizer Products, Inc.
    Woodshop News
    Woodworker West Magazine
    Woodworker’s Supply Inc.
    Woodworking, CLB Media Inc.
    Xuzhou JiangYang & JiangHeng Wood Products, Co.