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AWFS® Affiliate Discount Programs:

Integrity Financial Corporation – Financial Advisor
Integrity Financial Corporation is a boutique Registered Investment Advisor and consulting practice. We deliver an exceptional client experience characterized by financial expertise and unmatched customer service.

LaRocca- AWFS has teamed up with LaRocca to assist your company with credit card and payment processing. LaRocca can  help you reduce the cost of credit card acceptance.  Please contact John LaRocca directly at

Hearing Benefit – AWFS has partnered with Precise Hearing Aids to offer members 40%-50% off brand name hearing aids.  Click here to learn more about the program.

UPS – Save up to 30% on your large freight and small package shipping needs.

Office Depot/OfficeMax – AWFS has partnered with Office Depot/OfficeMax to provide you with a discount for your personal and professional office supply needs. – Search For The Best Health Plans That Fit Your Needs.

Otterbox– Protect your personal and professional electronic devices at a discount rate as part of your AWFS Membership.

Active Advantage – Live an active livestyle and save as part of your AWFS Membership.

CheapOair – Discount Travel options as part of your AWFS Membership.

Bulletproof – High performance food and drink supplement to improve your life.

Home Depot Canada – A benefit for AWFS Canadian member companies.  When you shop on the AWFS link you save on all of your home product needs.

Woodshop News – free yearly subscription

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